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29. Tax Advice From Tax Doctor Dean Mioli

There are many components involved in tax planning, including Roth conversions, income, trusts, estates, insurance, retirement, and more.

In this week’s episode, Tax Doctor, and SEI Trust Company’s director of investment planning, Dean Mioli, joins Eric Tashlein to explain the importance of proper tax planning. Dean also explains valuable tax-related strategies to help you correctly incorporate these components while helping you save some extra cash.  

Dean discusses:

  • Using your Roth account to manage your tax bracket
  • How to implement tax reductions strategies to maximize your benefits 
  • Who should really handle your trust and reasons why you should consider having co-trustees
  • How to get the best returns on your charitable donations 
  • Potential tax-related changes 
  • And more!


Connect With Dean Mioli

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About our Guest:

Dean Mioli has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years. His specialties include risk management, investment portfolio analysis, and design, along with individual income tax, retirement, and estate planning. He is a nationally recognized public speaker, and his topics include tax and investment planning.

Dean serves as the director of investment planning for Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI. In this role, he is responsible for supporting the delivery of advice-driven asset management solutions for our advisors and their clients. 

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28. FCP Euro: From An Auto Parts Store To A $150 Million Business With Scott Drozd

FCP Euro started as a brick-and-mortar auto parts store, and now is one of the world’s industry leaders, generating over 150 million dollars in online annual sales in European markets.

Business owners, do you want to know how a local Connecticut man did this and more?

This week, FCP Euro CEO Scott Drozd joins Eric Tashlein to reveal how outstanding work ethic, manual labor, and dedication paved the way to grow his multi-million dollar company. Scott also highlights valuable pieces of advice every business owner should know. 

Scott discusses:

  • The key elements that made FCP Euro successful so quickly 
  • Life-changing business guidance you can start applying today 
  • The role of real-time financial reporting within a business
  • Scott’s success and failure stories as an auto parts business leader 
  • And more!


Connect With Scott Drozd

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About Our Guest:

In 2001, with only a $9k initial investment, Scott Drozd’s partner and himself took a small brick-and-mortar auto parts store and turned it into an online organization generating $150 million in annual sales. That organization is now FCP Euro,  an online retailer of Genuine and OEM car parts for European vehicles.

As the CEO, Scott is responsible for all aspects of our rapidly growing organization, including strategic planning and execution, marketing, sales, call center, warehouse and distribution, operations, and corporate finance strategy.

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27. How HRP Associates is Moving the Environment Forward with Jason Beach

HRP Associates’ goal is to minimize the environmental risks associated with their client’s projects — all while helping clients achieve their business goals.  

In this episode, HRP’s principal and regional manager, Jason Beach, breaks down the organization’s role as a multidisciplinary environmental and engineering consulting firm. He explains how the company continuously strives to discover new and improved methods that will allow them to complete projects for clients like you in an environmentally- and health-friendly manner.

Jason discusses:

  • HRP’s environmental, health, and safety due diligence measures
  • The firm’s approach to climate change and carbon neutrality-related rules and regulations 
  • Leadership, collaboration, and innovation as HRP’s core values
  • The company’s recent transformations to better serve clients in the aerospace, manufacturing, and utility industry
  • Advice for those interested in pursuing a career in the environmental consulting arena
  • And more!


Connect With Jason Beach:

Connect with Eric Tashlein:

About Our Guest: 

Jason is an experienced environmental consulting professional leading HRP’s two growing Connecticut offices in Farmington and Derby. The firm’s Connecticut operations include over 50 technical specialists who support manufacturers, utilities, landowners, and government/institutions. Together, the team ensures that clients are reaching their goals while achieving the best solutions to their environmental, health, and safety challenges.

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26. Chapel Haven: Supporting Young Adults with Differing Abilities With Michael Storz


Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is all about providing lifelong individualized services for those with developmental and social disabilities.

However, their overarching goal goes even further beyond this.

In this episode, Chapel Haven’s president, Michael Storz, joins Eric Tashlein to explain how the organization guides young adults with special needs and empowers them to live an unfettered, independent, and self-determined life.

Michael discusses:

  • Chapel Haven’s $40 million campaign to help, educate, and assist young adults with differing abilities
  • The organization’s two must-have skills: listening and understanding
  • Successful real-life experiences of former Chapel Haven’s residents 
  • Diana Bilezikian, and why her book a great resource for parents and young adult children with different learning styles and special needs
  • How has Chapel Haven fared during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • And more


Connect With Michael Storz:

Connect With Eric Tashlein:

About Our Guest: 

Michael Storz is Chapel Haven Schleifer Center’s president, a Connecticut-based organization that teaches people with autism spectrum disorders and those with mild cognitive disabilities the skills to live independently in the community. Michael joined Chapel Haven in 2000 and has an abiding passion for the disabilities field. Through his ability to connect, he has brought the best of the local, state, and national communities into partnership with Chapel Haven in a variety of ways.

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Episode 25: Financial and Life Lessons for Young Adults

We all have a story to tell.

What stories are you telling your young adult children? 

Eric Tashlein has learned quite a few lessons during his time — so much so that he plans to write a book about these life lessons for his children and grandchildren. 

In this episode, get a sneak peek at the knowledge Eric has gained in his personal, financial, and business life. He shares these stories in hopes to inspire you to also draw from your experience and begin a productive conversation with your children today!

You will learn:

  • The importance of starting to save early 
  • Reasons why vacations and breaks are great opportunities to plan ahead 
  • When it’s a good time to take calculated risks
  • Introducing the idea of stretch goals to young adults 
  • Acknowledging others as a sign of respect and empathy 
  • Helping young adults find balance and mindfulness 
  • And more!

Join Eric today as he guides you around tackling the personal finance talk with your young adult children or grandchildren!

Resources:  Eric Tashlein | Connecticut Capital Management Group: (203) 877-1520  | About Robert Frost“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost | About Theodore Roosevelt | Quotes and Speeches by Theodore Roosevelt | About  Mike Tyson | “1980 Men’s U.S. Hockey Team” – Underdog Story | About Howard Marks

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Episode 24: What Every Business Owner Should Know About “Shark Tank”

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, Shark Tank is a reality television series in which entrepreneurs make business presentations to a panel of five investors, or “sharks,” who decide whether to invest in their company.

In this episode, join Eric Tashlein as he explains the show’s overall theme from a contestant and entrepreneur’s perspective so that you can learn some of the program’s key lessons. More importantly, Eric highlights how business owners can use Shark Tank as a tool to plan for better wealth outcomes, something that Connecticut Capital is all about. 

You will learn:

  • What you need to know before going on Shark Tank
  • Why you should identify your market and competitive advantage factors 
  • Which business ideas might succeed on the show 
  • What it looks like to align with a Shark Tan” investor or venture capitalist (VC)
  • Why it’s crucial for contestants and entrepreneurs to know their Shark Tank investor
  • And more!

Join Eric today and discover how this information-packed show can educate business owners in growing and/or selling their businesses! 

Resources: Eric Tashlein | Brian Parke | Connecticut Capital Management Group: (203) 877-1520  | “Shark Tank” | About | Meet The Sharks | Daymond John | Barbara Corcoran | “Undercover Billionaire” 

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Episode 23: Tips And Tricks to Improve Your Joints, Back, And Overall Health – With Dr. Keith Steigbigel

Dr. Keith Steigbigel not only is the founder of Prolete Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, but is also a highly respected physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine and orthopedic manual medicine.

Today, Dr. Steigbigel joins Eric Tashlein to discuss Prolete’s vision and mission, his journey as a physical therapist, and to share easy tips and tricks designed to help you find relief for common back and joint-related health issues. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between physical therapists and chiropractors 
  • How age impacts physical balance — and what exercise can help maintain and improve it 
  • The importance of movement for good health and wellness 
  • Why establishing a personalized connection with patients is so important for Dr. Steigbigel and his team at Prolete 
  • And more!

Listen in as Dr. Steigbigel reveals easy things you can do to achieve a healthier back, joints, and overall health! 

Resources: Eric Tashlein | Connecticut Capital Management Group: (203) 877-1520  | Prolete Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine | Robin McKenzie | Shop Robin McKenzie’s Books

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Episode 22: Meet Connecticut’s Super Lawyer — With Jennifer Morgan DelMonico

Jennifer Morgan DelMonico recently completed a six-year term as a Murtha Cullina LLP managing partner. Now, she’s a trial lawyer for parties involved in complex litigation disputes, including product liability actions.

Today, Jennifer joins Eric Tashlein to discuss and review her journey as a standout lawyer. She reveals the personal and professional factors that helped her get to where she is today and shares advice for other lawyers navigating their career paths.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jennifer’s specialty within the law industry 
  • The successes and challenges Jennifer has faced throughout her career 
  • Jennifer’s role at Murtha Cullina LLP and what advice she has given to the firm’s new managing partner 
  • Why lawyers should focus on making decisions and keep moving
  • And more!

Listen today and find out how law, music, and creativity have helped Jennifer become the super lawyer she is today! 

Resources: Eric Tashlein | Connecticut Capital Management Group: (203) 877-1520  | Jennifer Morgan DelMonico | Murtha Cullina | Getting Things Done ® by David Allen | Andy Corea

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Episode 21: Financial and Estate Planning for Your Pets

For most people, pets are all about love, companionship, and affection.

But have you ever stopped and considered the cost of having, and raising, your furry family members?

From pet training to insurance and estate planning, discover the financial implications a pet can bring to your financial picture in this pet-friendly episode of Unfettered Wealth. Join Eric Tashlein as he breaks down the financial side of having a pet and outlines ways you can start planning around these costs today.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of having pets 
  • Why pet owners should consider homeowner insurance
  • What you need to know about pet estate planning and insurance 
  • How behavioral training can improve domestic animals
  • And more!

Pets are serious commitments. Listen in and find out the economic considerations you’ll likely want to be aware of when raising them! 

Resources:  Eric Tashlein: (203) 877-1520 | Connecticut Capital Management Group

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Episode 20: Your Job Transition Checklist — With Brian Parke, CFP®

Are you planning on transitioning into a new job this year?

If so, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

In this information-packed episode, learn how you can make the most of your job transition with Eric Tashlein and Connecticut Capital’s Brian Parke. Together, they outline a checklist that will help you keep key considerations in mind during your transition to ensure that you’re not leaving any money on the table. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How a flex spending account contributes to your health insurance coverage when transitioning jobs 
  • What to do with your 401(k) plan when moving jobs
  • How to vest stocks between employers
  • Ways your new employer can help cover your relocation expenses
  • And more!

Tune in for your ultimate checklist for your next job transition! 

Resources: Eric Tashlein | Connecticut Capital Management Group: (203) 877-1520  | Brian Parke, CFP®