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26. Chapel Haven: Supporting Young Adults with Differing Abilities With Michael Storz


Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is all about providing lifelong individualized services for those with developmental and social disabilities.

However, their overarching goal goes even further beyond this.

In this episode, Chapel Haven’s president, Michael Storz, joins Eric Tashlein to explain how the organization guides young adults with special needs and empowers them to live an unfettered, independent, and self-determined life.

Michael discusses:

  • Chapel Haven’s $40 million campaign to help, educate, and assist young adults with differing abilities
  • The organization’s two must-have skills: listening and understanding
  • Successful real-life experiences of former Chapel Haven’s residents 
  • Diana Bilezikian, and why her book a great resource for parents and young adult children with different learning styles and special needs
  • How has Chapel Haven fared during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • And more


Connect With Michael Storz:

Connect With Eric Tashlein:

About Our Guest: 

Michael Storz is Chapel Haven Schleifer Center’s president, a Connecticut-based organization that teaches people with autism spectrum disorders and those with mild cognitive disabilities the skills to live independently in the community. Michael joined Chapel Haven in 2000 and has an abiding passion for the disabilities field. Through his ability to connect, he has brought the best of the local, state, and national communities into partnership with Chapel Haven in a variety of ways.